A lighter look on M.E


I think I’m going slightly crazy,

My brain has turned to sloppy gravy


Who’d have thought it hurts to think?

Is it time to hit the drink?


We laugh about my mixed up words:

“A cup of wee” – how absurd!


My Son corrects my grammar & spelling

His is improving, a bonus, so bless him!


Friends give advice, from broccoli to honey,

Not much is helpful, but really quite funny


Tiredness, exhaustion: “Ah, Chronic Fatigue!”

But the tiredness I know is beyond that league


I try to take shortcuts, to say “It‘ll do”

So please don’t be shocked if I’ve not cleaned the loo!


“You’re making it up” some people will cry

Well, we will see if you give it a try


“Come out for dinner!” Yeah, what a treat!

I just hope it’s worth a sleep for the week!


This poem is short as there’s not much humour

But depressed I am not, so let’s quash that rumour


I pick my pen up and cling to the hope

That people will see that M.E is no joke


I don’t want sympathy and a cup of tea

Just understanding about my M.E


My shackles are coming, I’m incased in lead,

I’ve done enough now, so I’m off to my bed.


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