About Sarah at Saje

Sarah Birthday lunch 2013A retired Speech and language therapist due to ME.
A retired MPs wife due to the electorate!
Always passionate about championing those that society prefers to forget or deems less important.
Love sport, exercise and healthy lifestyle and looking forward to live it again rather than just promoting it!
Co-Director of SajeImpact
Passionate about community
Faith is central to all of the above.






2 thoughts on “About Sarah at Saje

  1. Hi Sarah, I found your comment on the role of ME blog in your diagnosis by GP and then got fascinated by the posts in your website. I was hoping that you could help in a survey targeting people with chronic conditions and disabilities, looking at negative online experiences: https://bedshealthsciences.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bpje8aRuFzUZEC9
    We are aiming to improve support available to victims. Can you please help in filing/sharing this survey?

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your interest! I have experienced a lot of hurtful assumptions about my ME but these have been face to face (and sadly from the medical community) rather than online or via social media. Generally, social media has been a very positive experience for me and where I get most of my support and information from. Do you think your survey will still be relevant?

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